Cladding & Drywall Division – The Rose Article

Since the inception of the Cladding & Drywall Division into the Roseville Group 12 months ago, it has seen a steady growth in work load from basically a standing start.

The disciplines offered by the division not only covers the external appearance of the building, whether it be a render, metal panel cassette or a simple finished board, the in house expertise can also offer the structural support the appearance is fixed to, which makes the life of the Client and main contractor far simpler in achieving todays rigid energy performance specifications.

The management team work very closely with its selected supply chain to provide the design and performance the Clients are demanding, within budget and installed to an independently inspected high quality standard to underline compliance.

The team have recently completed  4 cladding projects within the commercial and residential sectors involving a variety of installations covering render, timber , board panels , glazed partitions and doors all performing to their bespoke intended design.

Current projects include Regents Quarter, Kings Cross where the team are proud to have secured 4 out of 5 phases on the project, all with a new Client. Works on the project involve the design, supply and installation of the structural steel frames and render finish incorporated into part new and existing buildings which has provided challenges the team has overcome through closely working with the architects to meet the Clients demands.

The team work hard to provide a safe working environment for its operatives and has an excellent health and safety record with Simon Boyles making regular site visits to support the Project Managers and installers.

Holiday season is upon us and hope you have a relaxing break where ever the destination and look forward to further updates on the divisions activities in the next issue of The Rose.

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