Construction and Mental Health

The Lighthouse Club

At Roseville, we have been keen fundraisers for a number of years for a wide variety of different causes. In 2014, we decided to set up our own foundation, The Rose Charitable Foundation so that we could be even more selective with who we chose to support and how the funds were distributed.  We are proud that the charity is a 100% output charity with all administration costs covered by ourselves and corporate partners. Therefore, every £1 into the charity is £1 to those in need.

Each year, the trustees get together to decide on their chosen charities for the year ahead. This year, we have chosen four charities to support but one that is particularly close to the heart of Roseville and that’s The Lighthouse Club. The Lighthouse Club is the only  charity that provides emotional and financial support to those who need it within construction. With mental health being at the front of peoples minds lately, it’s important that it is also recognised within our industry and that is why we chose to support them.

The work that they do is fantastic, providing a 24/7 helpline to those within construction and their families, to make sure that support is on hand if they need it.  It was a very simple choice for us to support the Lighthouse Club, as they support the industry that we are in and do an amazing job.

As the year unravels, we will keep you posted on the work that we do with the Lighthouse Club, we have some exciting fundraisers in the pipeline and look forward to supporting a charity so close to our hearts.

If you’d like to get involved, please contact