Demelza – A personal thank you from Tom and Eric

We would like to express our sincerest personal thanks for your contribution towards the completion of the Demelza Garden of Tranquillity, which we hope you agree was a stunning success.

The garden in its finished form while spectacular in its own right represents much more to the many families who have and will use it into the future while dealing with the grief of losing a child.  As such it represents a priceless resource to Demelza in helping those families overcome their loss and move on with their lives whilst also acting as a focus point in remembering those who have passed on.

What started off as an offer of help to the charity eventually snow balled in a project whose scope went well beyond what was originally envisaged by the BP4 team.  Without exception, our approaches and requests for assistance to the project were met and exceeded by yourselves, for which we are hugely grateful and humbled.

Feedback from Demelza has been nothing but positive and has included the following;
“As you may have gathered I was deeply moved not least by the many parents and the children. Please convey my deep regards and thanks to all.”Derek Phillips – Co-founder and Father of Demelza

“The Garden is amazing and when I sent my original email I could never have imagined this”
Clare Emmett- Demelza Partnership Events Executive and instigator of the garden project

Whether you were able to make the opening or not, we would like to forward on an open invitation from Demelza to visit the garden at any point in the future to view what has been collectively achieved by all concerned, and enjoy the garden as it matures going into the future.  The garden is open at all times.

Again, our heartfelt personal thanks for your contribution to the project.
Thomas Kelly and Eric Zeeven.

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