The Roseville Team have secured the decorating works at the GOSH Italian hospital. The redevelopment programme is creating new facilities appropriate for some of the very best paediatric care and research.

GOSH has been constantly evolving since it opened in an 18th century townhouse in 1852. The Roseville team are proud to have been part of it’s redevelopment over the recent years. Helping to upgrade the estate meaning that children and their families can be cared for in a safer and more comfortable environment.

The Italian Hospital

As part of the development, Roseville Decorating will be completing the internal decorations at the Italian Hospital at the corner of Queen Square and Boswell Street.

The building will return to it’s use as a clinical facility.

The full refurbishment works will be approximately fourteen months in construction and involve internal refurbishment and the creation of a terraced rear garden. External improvements such as cleaning and repairing fa├žades are also proposed to rejuvenate this special heritage building.

We will keep you up to date on the progress of this fantastic project. GOSH Italian Hospital is another example of our expertise in the healthcare sector and working in a live hospital environment.