The Project:

The rework of a 1980’s office building into a modern workplace. The project involves stripping the building back to the structural steelwork and re-coring to provide retail and high quality modern workplace accommodation.

Our Role:

Structural Steelwork Preparation using a new to the UK Construction Industry, media blasting system “Sponge Media Blasting” prior to application of Intumescent Paint Fire Protection to the Steelwork. The building is in the centre of the London Financial District, where noise, dust and other environmental restrictions are imposed on the projects construction.The stripping of the building included removing the original board fire protection from the structural steelwork columns and beams. The exposed steelwork needed to be media blasted in preparation for a new decorative fire protection system which would be applied to the clean steelwork

As there will not be any ceilings installed, both the steelwork and the exposed metal soffit of the composite floor slab would have to be painted to a good standard of decorative finish. Traditional media blasting using conventional media system would not be allowed under the environmental controls imposed on the project. Roseville were asked to search the market place for alternative solutions. The challenge was to present a media blasting scheme to Skanska that reduced traditional media dust contamination in operation, reduced environmental impact and reduced disposal of contaminated media waste.

Project Summary:

Roseville Projects Ltd played a major role in meeting the performance standards required for the delivery of the new fire protection system on 60 London Wall. The new Sponge Media Blasting system and the decorative structural fire protection solution will greatly minimise the environmental impact of the construction project and the low VOC Intumescent Paint system will protect the occupants long term health within the buildings. Low VOC, meet the WELL Standards, improved Safety for workers because of low rebound, reduces the environmental impact to Air Quality by 40%, reduces Environmental Impact to transport by 80%, reduces the environmental impact to landfill by 80%. If this system is applied to future blasting works within the UK, the environmental impact of waste media would be reduced by up to 80%. That’s 80% less product, 80% less land fill, 80% less delivery cost, 80% less disposal cost.