The Rose have donated £2000 to the Lighthouse Club.  Being in the Construction Industry, we recognise the need to take care of their workforce and that their mental health is just as important as their physical health.

Here’s what our Director and Trustee of the Rose Mark Stewart said:

“Mental health problems can affect anyone from all types of industry and in ours specifically, construction, it still generally considered a taboo subject.

With the aforesaid very much front of mind, It is our aim at Roseville to make good mental health a core business priority. We will strive to make this issue of the greatest importance and to raise the awareness of this concern not only for our people, but everyone we work alongside.

We are committed to start the wellbeing movement for change in the workplace and with the ‘Lighthouse’, our charity partner, we are ideally placed to assist with the start of the journey.

The ‘Lighthouse’provide invaluable financial and emotional support to families within the Construction industry. We are proud and honoured to be able to work alongside this amazing Charity on this extremely important subject.” – Mark Stewart, Director


The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity – Shining Brighter, Reaching Further

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity is the only charity that provides financial and emotional support to the construction community and their families who have suffered an injury or long term illness or just need some extra support. Since 1956 the charity has given £17.5 million of charitable support to 16,500 construction families.

The charity provides a 24 /7 Construction Industry Helpline which is the first point of contact to access a range of completely free and confidential support services including;

•          Emergency Financial aid to construction families in crisis

•          Advice on welfare and mental wellbeing

•          Support on legal, tax and debt management matters

Last year, the Construction Industry Helpline supported 1500 families in crisis and 400 construction families were delivered a total of £735,000 in emergency financial aid. 1100 cases related to mental health and wellbeing advice, debt management and tax support and legal assistance.

The charity receives no public funding and relies entirely on the generosity of those within in the industry and their nationwide network of 21 independent, volunteer Regional Lighthouse Clubs to help them continue their vital work. Shocking statistics show that there is still much work to be done to improve the safety and emotional wellbeing of our construction community, but they can only do that with your support.

If you would like to apply for financial assistance or wellbeing support you can reach the Construction Industry Helpline on 0345 605 1956*

*Calls to this number from a landline and/or mobile are included if you have a free call package. However, charges will apply to calls that are made over your allowance or to those on PAYG. Please check with your provider if you are unsure.