Roseville Fire Protection are on site at 55-91 Knightsbridge. This old, Grade II listed building is being redeveloped as a mixed use building with residential apartments that have an ideal relationship to Knightsbridge.

Our Fire team are taking a different approach to the Fire Protection using the (American Owned ‘Mason Bearings’) Rubber Anti Vibration Bearings method.

The building at 55-91 Knightsbridge sits directly over an underground station/line. To prevent vibration transferring through the building from the trains, the whole structure is supported on rubber bearings, both in compression and laterally.

Due to the building being in a conservation area, it has to retain it’s existing façade. Therefore the new building has to be acoustically separated from the façade, using additional anti-vibration bearings.

In all there are over 500 rubber bearings on the project. Every one of these bearings has to be fire protected for a total of 90 minutes, maintaining a temperature below 300C. The fire protection is very complex because it has to allow for deflection movement of the rubber bearings under compression.

We’re very excited to be involved on this project, and are always looking for new, innovative fire protection methods. We always strive to achieve the most effective and safest methods of fire stopping.

More details on this project will follow in the coming weeks, keep your eyes peeled!