At Roseville, our Fire Protection Division is always working hard to excel in their field. With over 35 years in the industry, they appreciate the need to stay on top of the latest standards and technologies to ensure Fire safety of a building from the very beginning.

The Fire Protection team have produced a Fire Stopping ‘Matrix’ to explain their solution and to work closely with Main Contractors on the Fire Safety of a building.

Taking it to the next level

What is being done to take it to the next level?! Roseville are providing full BWIC packages including repairs and forming and firestopping openings.

Working with renowned cloud based recording systems to ensure the very best technology is used.

Having earlier involvement and influencing the Fire Protection Design, this is where we really come into our own.

  1. Full BWIC packages including repairs & forming & firestopping openings
  2. Boris / Bolster cloud based recording systems adopted
  3. Earlier involvement & influencing of fire protection design