At Roseville, we’re very pleased to announce that we have become a member of ROSPA. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

Every year, ROSPA help lots safety managers to get the best knowledge, skills and to achieve their business goals.

The ROSPA mission is: Exchanging life-enhancing skills and knowledge to reduce serious accidental injuries.

“ROSPA’s vision is drawn from our respect for life and all that it contains – the freedom to enjoy personal choices, health, happiness, wellbeing, relationships, and a huge variety of life-affirming activities”.

ROSPA members have access to some of the best health and safety training and professional advice, along with access to events to network with other members. It allows us to stay up to date with the best safety information and advice to ensure we are always leaders when it comes to contractor Health & Safety.

We look forward to what our ROSPA membership brings.